Antistat extend ESD flooring range with the introduction of the world’s No.1 interlocking ESD floor tile.

Antistat are set to add to their existing ESD Floor offering this month with the introduction of an innovative interlocking ESD floor tile system from EcoTile.

The unique design of the tile makes this ESD flooring system quick and simple to lay.  Unlike most tiles the grid pattern design ensures dimensional stability, and the interlocking design means that they fit perfectly without any gaps between the joints or in the corners making them ideal for use in electronics and telecommunications factories, computer server rooms, and production plants.

The grid pattern allows the tile to cope better with imperfections in the substrate, it also allows the floor to breathe – very important if installing over concrete that hasn’t cured yet or if there is damp in the floor. Each tile carries a pocket of air, which creates a cushion preventing the tile from rattling, as most flat backed tiles will do. The product also comes with a 20-year guarantee and a lifetime guarantee for ESD performance.

Antistat are also set to offer an installation service, where required, to make it as easy as possible for their customers to switch to this new flooring system.

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