Stay firm on reliability for FFC

Yamaichi Electronics has added to its portfolio with a flip-type zero insertion force (ZIF) plug connector series for flat flexible cables (FFC) or flexible printed circuits (FPC).

The HF601 series is FFC connector has a pitch of 0.5mm and provides a number of variants to combine plug reliability and variability. It features a wide-opening flap into which a standard FFC/FPC can easily be inserted. The interlock is engaged by pressing the flap closed with an audible click. It is shaped in such a way that it is also capable of accepting FFCs with ‘ears’. This provides security against the FFC being pulled out.

There are three types of product in the series: a horizontal variant, a vertical type, and a high-speed connector in horizontal form. This model has 22 pins and can transmit up to 3Gbps at a stable impedance of 100 Ohms. This is ensured by switching to ground between each pair of signal contacts.