Fairchild Semiconductor’s audio jack detection switch meets OMTP and CTIA standards with a single device

Device Reduces Design Cycle, Simplifies Design and Saves Board Space

Designers are confronted with the challenge of two audio configuration jack standards – the Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) L/R/M/G and Cellular Telephone Industries Association (CTIA) L/R/G/M jack pin map standards for 3.5mm audio jacks. With different jack pin maps, designers either choose to support one standard over the other, or rely on a more complex design with more components to support both standards.

To address this challenge, Fairchild Semiconductor has added the FSA8049 MIC/GND cross point switch that complies with two audio configuration jack standards to its high-performance analog mobile audio device portfolio. The device detects the locations of the ground (GND) and microphone (MIC) poles on the audio plug and automatically routes them to the appropriate connections. This allows the end-user to plug accessories, such as headsets, with different audio pole configurations into the device and have them operate correctly. For more information, and to order samples, visit:

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to detect two different audio jack configurations and connect properly to each standard, enables use of all existing headsets in new devices without manual configuration
  • Automatically routes GND and MIC to audio jack terminals
  • Ability to detect 3- or 4- pole audio accessories
  • Small foot print, 9-ball WLCSP 3×3 array saves board space
  • Suitable for use in cellular phones, smart phones, tablets and laptop computers

Fairchild Semiconductor enables engineers to differentiate their designs by identifying market trends and developing solutions to meet those needs. The FSA8049 leverages Fairchild’s expertise in the development of solutions that advance mobile designs and enrich the end-user experience.

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Price:  US $0.36 in 1,000 quantity pieces

Availability: Samples available upon request.

Delivery: 8-12 weeks ARO

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