Switchtec’s fully updated catalogue is easy to use for quick and accurate product selection

Bucking the trend for purely online catalogues, specialist distributor Switchtec has released a fully updated and revised catalogue of its products.  In speaking to its customers Switchtec identified that a large percentage of them actually preferred or at least, found it desirable to also have a hard copy of its catalogue.  It seems buyers and specifiers like the familiarity and ‘tactility’ of a book, and once familiar with the catalogue are able to find components quicker than on online.

The full colour 312 page catalogue has six sections covering PC connectors, control components, switchgear, measurement & control, audible & visual alarms, and sensors.  It is important to note that Switchtec also has a dedicated Relays catalogue (recently revised).  With relays being a mainstay of Switchtec’s business, it warranted a dedicated piece of literature.

The new catalogue is VERY easy to use.  Each product section is headed with the individual types in that section and page numbers are given, thus quickly narrowing choice down to those applicable to the need.  Each component has a colour photograph and specification including approval levels, dimensions, materials, and finishes – all very comprehensive.  Finally, the stumbling block for most catalogues – ordering – is covered with ordering numbers for basic models and variations in an easy to understand, unambiguous fashion.

The catalogue is completed with a cordial introductory message from Managing Director Jeremy Lester, delivery information, details of technical support and conditions of sale.  It is a truly comprehensive, easy to use buying aid to Switchtec’s products.  Anyone wanting a copy can request one by phoning the Stone head office, via the company website, or via their local technical sales representative.