White XLamp XT-E with an unmatched price-performance

MSC Vertriebs GmbH has expanded its portfolio with a white XLamp ® XT-E LED from Cree. With 122 lumens per watt at 700 mA and 85 °C. Tj (148 lumens / watt @ 350 mA and 85 ° C Tj) the XT-E LED is the industry’s most efficient LED on the market with a lumen output of 262 lumens. Costs are more than 50% below the price range known for power LEDs. This provides customers with double the power for the same price and can reduce their cost if LED-based lighting significantly.

The XT-E is based on a new LED dice, which was already presented in the in January 2012 released XB-D LED. While the XB-D, however, measures only 2.45 mm, has the XT-E XLamp to 3.45 mm with the same dimensions as the XP family of Cree. LEDs with this size are suitable for almost any lighting solutions. For existing customers this also facilitates the transition to the new LED performance in their designs.

The warm white version reached at 350 mA and 85 ° C Tj around 114 lm / W. Unlike the XLamp XP-E family the new XT-E reaches more than twice the luminous flux. As a further development of the XP-E family, the XT-E white LED for the ENERGY STAR ® qualification also requires only 3,000 hours, performance instead of the usual 6,000 hours. Thus, the market launch was accelerated.

The new LED platforms XB-D and XT-E are now available from MSC Vertriebs GmbH. They improve the efficiency LED based lamps enormous. So the goal is within reach, push through the attractive price of conventional LED bulbs and energy saving light bulbs from the market. First LED patterns on MSC in stock and can be immediately sent to the customer.