Interpower Corporation Molded IEC 60320 C5 Cords

Interpower is proud to announce that we are now molding our IEC 60320 C5 power cords and cord sets in house at our Iowa, USA, factory. This will significantly improve lead times on North American and international power cords and cord sets that have the IEC 60320 C5 connector. This will also allow you to customize your power cords and cord sets. We offer custom lengths, colors, labeling, packaging, 1-week lead time on nonstock cords, no minimum order and same day shipments on stock cords.

Following is a list of Interpower IEC 60320 C5 part numbers:

Plug/Connector Type Previous Part Number Cable Type New Part Number
C5 Connector (power cord) 18/3 SPT-2 86295410
C5 Connector (power cord) 18/3 SJT 86265420
C5 Connector (power cord) 18/3 SVT 86295430
Nema 5-15 86557100 18/3 SPT-2 86220365
Nema 5-15 18/3 SJT 86220375
Nema 5-15 18/3 SVT 86220385
Sheet E 18/3 SPT-2 86254120
Sheet E 18/3 SJT 86254130
Sheet E 18/3 SVT 86254140
Australia 86557120 HO3VV-F 86211250
Schuko 86557130 HO3VV-F 86232180
United Kingdom 86557140 HO3VV-F 86245030
South Africa 86557150 HO5VV-F 86265350
Denmark 86557160 HO3VV-F 86280930
Switzerland 86557170 HO3VV-F 86285330
Italy 86557180 HO3VV-F 86260390
Israel 86557191 HO3VV-F 86275250

If you need a part that you do not see on the list, please contact our Customer Service Department from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST at (800) 662-2290 or for a part number that will meet your needs.

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