IR extends its PowIRstage® portfolio to enhance scalability and performance for space and thermally constrained computing and consumer applications

International Rectifier has extended its PowIRstage® family of integrated devices with the introduction of the IR3551, optimized for use in next-generation servers, desktop PCs, graphics cards, and communication systems.

Offering a maximum operating point of 50A, the IR3551 is optimized for high end processor and DDR memory multiphase solutions, offering a peak efficiency of  94.5 percent at 1.2V output. The new device integrates a synchronous buck gate driver, benchmark figure-of-merit control and synchronous MOSFETs and a Schottky diode into a small, high density, low profile 6x5mm footprint compatible PQFN package.

The IR3551 is footprint compatible with the IR3550 and IR3553. Using a single layout, with the choice of several plug and play PowIRstage® products, customers can now select the best price/performance solution while eliminating the risk of a board re-design due to changing requirements.

The IR3551, IR3550 and IR3553 utilize IR’s leading-edge technology in silicon integration, packaging and control techniques to achieve a high current density and high efficiency power stage solution. The PowIRstage® devices enable system-level scalability in high current, high efficiency multi-phase configurations. The resulting system solution can in most cases be achieved in less phases and board space versus alternate solutions.

IR’s PowIRstage® products also provide an integrated current sense amplifier that achieves superior current sense accuracy and noise immunity compared to best-in-class controller based inductor DCR sense methods.  The IR3551, IR3553 and IR3550 are fully PWM compatible with IR’s CHiL® digital power control products, as well as most industry standard PWM controllers on the market.

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