Densitron’s DET industrial TFT Displays offer great design flexibility

Densitron’s new DET Industrial TFT range, covering 4.3”, 5.7”, 7” and 10.1”, is an adaptable choice for design engineers looking for displays that provide the optimal interface, brightness level and touch sensor option for their applications.

Densitron’s new DET Industrial TFT range, covering 4.3”, 5.7”, 7” and 10.1”, is an adaptable choice for design engineers looking for displays that provide the optimal interface, brightness level and touch sensor option for their applications.

These TFT displays come with TTL or LVDS interface and several brightness (up to 1000 cd) options, offering very high contrast and crisp image in all lighting conditions. The exceptional brightness level enables the displays to be used in high ambient light conditions without any loss of contrast or viewing angle. All TFTs in the range have timing controller and DC/DC circuit built-in allowing a single voltage supply to be used.

The displays can be further enhanced by a range of resistive and Multi-touch PCT touch screens. Densitron is able to offer standard edged bonding with 3M adhesive gasket and an optical bonding service in cleanroom conditions to increase impact resistance and outdoor readability.

The 7” and 10.1” Multi-touch TFTs, for example, are optically bonded standard modules that combine the benefits of the DET displays with 10-finger Multi-touch PCTs. They offer time and cost savings by avoiding design engineers having to manage yield, bonding and electrical interference issues individually.

Displays in the range are well suited to a wide variety of applications, ranging from communications, marine, industrial, consumer, office equipment to white goods.

To further assist design engineers with display integration, Densitron also offers a wide range of TFT supporting accessories, for example, AD boards (VGA or DVI), LED driver cards and cover lenses as well as various surface treatment options, such as anti-glare and anti-reflective coating.