Vinotech releases symmetrical booster with parallel switch for high efficiency

 – flowBOOST 0 sym – power modules featuring a parallel switch for 1200 V applications –

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has announced the release of two new symmetrical boosters designed specifically for premium solar inverter and SMPS applications. Equipped with a parallel switch and SiC boost diodes to boost efficiency, the flowBOOST 0 sym modules come  in Vincotech’s compact flow 0 housing.

Both flowBOOST 0 sym feature a parallel switch configuration combining the fast, low-loss switching performance of MOSFETs with the high current capability and low conduction losses of IGBTs. Both new modules benefit from ultra fast 600V SiC boost diodes and bypass diodes with low forward voltage, making them the optimum solution for input stages in solar and SMPS applications where high efficiency (99%) matters. Companion products for the inverter and output section may be found on Vincotech’s homepage.

Vincotech part no.:                             Voltage                Current               Comment

10-FZ06NBA110FP-M306L28                600V                  110A                        parallel switch

10-FZ06NBA084FP-M306L48               600V                   84A                          parallel switch

flowBOOST 0 sym modules are packaged in Vincotech’s standard flow 0 2-clip housing measuring 66mm by 33mm and 12 mm in height, and are also available with pre-applied thermal interface material for easy assembly. This material provides high 3.4 K/W thermal conductivity and even better thermal impedance.

flowBOOST 0 sym power modules are in serial production with samples available on request. These modules are supported by the Vincotech flowSOL simulator, which enables detailed loss calculations.

To view or download datasheets, visit the Vincotech website at