Wide range of EDAC connectors now available at Rapid Electronics

Rapid is delighted to announce the introduction of a wide range of connection products from leading manufacturer EDAC, for a variety of strength applications from marine and broadcast to automotive and domestic use.

The products cover virtually all requirements and are of a high quality design and manufactured standard. Over 70 lines are available in all, including five distinct ranges – the 565 and 570 series of waterproof connectors, 516 series of rack and panel connectors, card edge connectors, USB 3.0 connectors and 520 series of hermaphroditic connectors & cable assemblies.

The 565 and 570 series of waterproof connectors are suitable for a wide range of applications, from external lighting arrays and outside broadcast equipment to automotive and marine products. Designed for use in both extreme moisture and non-submersion situations, the IP67 connectors support both low-level signal and power applications up to 12A and 300V.

Also available is EDAC’s established 516 series of rack and panel connectors, which engineers have relied on for 40 years of providing ultra-secure connections in the oil, gas and railway industries. The hardware provides for 288 different polarising combinations, ensuring the right plug is always mated with the right receptacle.

Rapid is also delighted to be offering the EDAC range of card edge connectors, which has the potential to offer 333,000 different configurations and remains a highly cost-effective connection solution. 12 to 86 way options are available, as well as micro versions with a wide variety of mounting options.

EDAC’s USB 3.0 connectors provide a significant leap forward in data transfer speeds supporting rates up to 5Gbps and are fully compatible with USB 2.0 connectors. They can be used for applications ranging from computers, printers and digital cameras to medical equipment and automotive products. They support hot plugging and are available as Type A and Type B 90° board through-hole receptacles and in a Micro SMT option.

Completing the family of products is the 520 series of connectors & cable assemblies, which utilise gold-plated hermaphroditic contacts to produce an ultra-reliable connection with four gas-tight mating surfaces.

Paul Hemming, product manager of connectors at Rapid, said: ‘We are delighted to become an EDAC distributor. EDAC have a proud history of innovation in the connection field, from card edge technology to 3.0 USB, and we look forward to supplying more EDAC products in the future.’

Rapid can support customers with competitive pricing, full technical support and product sourcing. Up to +100 price breaks are available on these five EDAC ranges. For more details, technical specifications and datasheets please visit the Rapid website.