CDS now shipping Samsung transparent displays with infra red touchscreens

Transparent Displays CDS is now shipping these displays in 22” and 46” sizes both of which are now available with high quality / high transmissivity infraRed touch screens. Many companies have now purchased and are working on their own samples for their specific applications in Retail, AV, and exhibition stand designs to create that WOW factor and attract new consumers and customers and raise their profile in a practical and dynamic way.

We will soon be able to release examples of design-ins and companies developing projects and products with the transparent displays once the usual legal / NDA issues are covered.

Clearly, content is king and the interactivity is key but we are facilitating designers and developers to allow them to optimise their product launches or marketing campaigns by making this high quality / high reliability hardware now available to everybody, including small quantities.

Please see the video below for our latest product release of the Samsung 22” and 46” transparent Displays with touch screen interaction that brings products to life. You may use this video for your website or video magazines as we believe this will result in a large number of hits / views due to its originality and technical content showing what is possible. Not quite minority report BUT getting there!

The interest in this has overwhelmed us since the ISE show in Amsterdam and as we hold stock we have made great strides forward with this technology.

“Amazing transparent touch video promotion”

For more information please contact Mr. Chris Bartram @