Arkamys audio enhancement software and services being ported to Tensilica’s HiFi audio DSPs

Tensilica®, Inc. and Arkamys has announced that Arkamys digital audio software currently is being ported on Tensilica’s HiFi Audio DSPs. This set of software is complemented with the availability of audio design and tuning services. Now designers of products for professional entertainment, digital content companies, and the consumer electronics industry – including mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, car audio and home theaters – can use Arkamys’ software solutions on the popular HiFi Audio DSPs.

Arkamys’ digital audio software includes:

  • Portable devices specific technology solutions: This set of technology includes automatic volume, speaker protection, stereo widening and high definition for headphones and loudspeakers, which creates a sensation of complete immersion in sound when listening over ordinary stereo headphones and loudspeakers.
  •  In-car audio solution: It places the driver and passengers into a natural spaciousness with a feeling that the sound is facing them and true surround sound.
  • Home entertainment solutions: This includes a full range of software solutions to augment the rendering of small speakers and enhance the listening experience on home devices, from standard stereo TV to set-top box and speaker bars.

With the implementation of the Arkamys audio software on the HiFi DSPs, the processing power required to perform a series of audio corrections and enhancements is drastically reduced. This enables designers to add more features within the MHz budget and/or further reduce the end product bill of material by enhancing output rendering of lower-end transducers.

Tensilica’s HiFi Audio DSPs are the most popular audio DSP IP cores, licensed by over 40 companies including five of the top 10 semiconductor manufacturers and many leading system OEMs. The HiFi Audio DSPs offer the best performance/power efficiency and support over 90 high-quality audio codec and pre- and post-processing software packages. The HiFi Audio DSPs are part of Tensilica’s growing line of dataplane processors (DPUs) that efficiently perform the challenging, signal processing, compute-intensive tasks in system on chip (SOC) designs.

“We’re working with Tensilica to support several common customers that have designed HiFi Audio-based products,” stated Philippe Tour, CEO of Arkamys. “Porting to the HiFi Audio DSP was a natural goal for expanding our market reach, as Tensilica considered all of the requirements that an embedded audio design requires. When implemented on HiFi Audio, our software solutions enable product designers to provide a totally immersive customer audio experience.”

“Audio enhancement software is playing an increasingly important role in product differentiation,” stated Larry Przywara, Tensilica’s senior director of multimedia marketing.  “We are pleased to add Arkamys to the growing HiFi DSP ecosystem and broaden support of our customers’ audio technology requirements.”