Certification ensures security along the line

Director of import/export compliance at America II, Marie Cabral

Independent distributor, America II Electronics, has earned certification under the custom trade partnership against terrorism (C-TPAT) program. This voluntary initiative was started by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to increase security along US borders. It will allow America II to better secure its supply chain, while moving products into the United States more efficiently.

Director of import/export compliance at America II, Marie Cabral, said: “We are taking a proactive approach to ensure that our products are secure from the moment they leave their original destination until they reach our warehouse in Florida. C-TPAT certification provides one more line of defense in our stringent security process.”

America II’s partnership with CBP ensures products have not been tampered with when they arrive. CBP reviews the most secure packaging methods with its partners to ensure the safe transition of products and prior to C-TPAT certification, CBP conducts a security profile.

America II Electronics successfully completed a domestic and foreign site validation process, demonstrating its adherence to global supply chain security standards.