New professional battery range could fit in a wallet

Accutronics’ credit card sized batteries are available off the shelf 

Accutronics, the UK based designer and manufacturer of professional battery solutions, has launched a range of rechargeable Lithium Ion credit card sized batteries for medical, industrial and portable electronic applications.

The credit card batteries have been developed by Accutronics in response to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) demand for a short lead time, compact and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery solution for their portable devices. The products feature accurate impedance tracking fuel gauges, an active protection system and a compact connector, all contained in a package with a footprint identical to that of a credit card.

These new smart batteries are ideal for applications including tele-healthcare devices, data recorders, point of sale terminals, handheld security scanners and numerous other portable electronic devices intended for professional use.

Meeting internationally recognised standards for safety and transportation the batteries are supplied with comprehensive technical back-up enabling the designer to easily integrate the product into the device system. Both the CC2300 and CC3800 come with an active electronic protection system that makes them resistant to over-charging, over-discharging and short-circuiting.

The batteries are exempted from Dangerous Goods shipping, thus minimising the cost and complexity of freighting. The labels, packaging, EEPROM set-up and casing features can be customised according to the OEM’s preference.

“The demand for this kind of product might seem surprising, given the abundant availability of Lithium ion batteries in consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptop computers,” explained Neil Oliver, technical marketing manager at Accutronics. “However, consumer-market batteries do not satisfy the requirements of OEMs in the quality-driven medical sector and other professional markets.”

The CC2300 and CC3800 are the first fruits of Accutronics’ Intellion range of batteries; smart, innovative portable power products, designed to meet the emerging needs of feature laden devices in professional markets.

Intellion combines Accutronics’ expertise in custom OEM battery products with its understanding of professional OEM requirements and market trends. The credit card batteries and all Intellion products are available off the shelf and can be customised for the OEM’s application, allowing the end product to reach market quickly.