The Bergquist Company increases capacity at Prescott facility by adding advanced new production line

The Bergquist Company has expanded its Thermal Substrates facilities in Prescott, Wisconsin (USA), adding extra capacity using state-of-the-art automation that minimises waste thereby enhancing environmental performance.

The newly completed project now gives Bergquist an additional production line for its Thermal-Clad metal-core PCB substrate products. “Thermal-Clad substrates enable designers to drive up efficiency, power density and reliability in new generations of electronic products, and market demand is growing worldwide,” said Nico Bruijnis, European Marketing Manager. “Our new line not only raises total capacity at Prescott, but also introduces advanced automation that assures our customers of the highest product quality at all times.” The new technology in Bergquist’s latest production line achieves higher environmental performance by dramatically reducing emissions and consumption of resources. The company can now manufacture Thermal-Clad products using 70% less water whilst emitting 80% less VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Used in LED lighting, power conversion, motor controls, automotive steering, lighting, battery management, and many other applications, Thermal Clad dielectrics are available in Europe and globally. In addition, Thermal Clad dielectrics are supported by a strong team of materials engineers, scientists and application engineers.

Thermal Clad products deliver the highest level of system reliability for its customers and end users alike. All materials undergo a stringent qualification process and are UL-certified.

Bergquist Thermal Products is the world leader in the production of Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) and thermally enhanced Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCB). For more information, call your sales representative or visit the Bergquist website at