Introducing VEGA, a 225°C adjustable 500mA LDO voltage regulator in a ceramic package

CISSOID, the leader in high-temperature semiconductor solutions, introduces VEGA, a new low dropout, linear, voltage regulator for embedded power supply needs in applications that must sustain high-temperature, harsh environments or that simply require extended lifetimes. Part of the STAR family of products from CISSOID, the voltage regulator CHT-VEGA delivers a regulated output with up to 500mA from a standard 5V ±10% voltage input. Output voltage can be adjusted anywhere between 1.2V and 3.3V. It is packaged in a tiny SMD ceramic package TDFP 5×5.5mm, guaranteed for operation from -55°C up to +225°C.

CHT-VEGA provides best-in-class accuracy across the whole temperature range. Total output voltage accuracy under all operating conditions including load, line and temperature variations is guaranteed to be better than ±5%. A special care has been taken of optimizing the response to line and load transients, which makes CHT-VEGA ideal to supply high temperature microprocessors and memories. The regulator is self-protected with a built-in over-current limitation combined with a thermal protection which becomes effective above 250°C. The circuit typically requires an external 2.2µF capacitor and a 2-resistor bridge for feedback (output voltage setting).

Pierre Delatte, CTO at CISSOID, highlighted another key benefit of CHT-VEGA: “In applications that see an ambient temperature in the order of 175°C, existing solutions with 210°C maximal junction temperature still require large PCB copper pads in order to evacuate the power dissipated inside the chip. CHT-VEGA’s ability to sustain higher operating temperature eases cooling requirements, which results in a reduction of the PCB copper pad by a factor 4. CHT-VEGA shrinks PCB areas in harsh environments applications where the form factor of systems is highly critical.”

More generally, CHT-VEGA brings unique benefits in applications where the operating temperature is above or close to the limit of what conventional semiconductors can sustain. For example, in applications that run in 125°C to 175°C ambient and that face reliability issues, CHT-VEGA brings at least an order of magnitude in lifetime compared to traditional silicon solutions. It also allows accelerated aging testing of the systems for qualification purposes as the device can support extreme temperatures.

CHT-VEGA will find its place anywhere there is a need to supply voltages from a standard 5V source, for instance to feed local digital circuits within electronic boards and when PCB space is a concern, or when reliability and supporting harsh environments are required. Oil & Gas down-hole and smart completion will immediately benefit from CHT-VEGA, as well as aerospace applications. It is also a game-changer for under-the-hood hybrid modules in automotive or industrial applications that see their ambient temperature above 150°C.

CHT-VEGA data-sheet is available now from the CISSOID web site. CHT- VEGA can be ordered now for sampling and evaluation. Pricing starts at 169.20€/unit up to 200 units. For more information, visit or contact the company’s representatives at