Future Electronics launches specialist division to help OEMs implement RF designs successfully

Future Electronics has announced the launch of Future RF and Wireless Solutions, a specialist division with the task of helping OEMs to bring RF-enabled end products to market efficiently and successfully.

The distributor’s new division, which operates worldwide, boasts a deep supplier linecard offering a comprehensive choice of ICs, modules and peripherals. These products, held in stock at distribution centres in Europe, the Americas and Asia, enable the implementation of any industrial or consumer electronics RF application.

To support the launch of the new global division, Future Electronics also announced the signing of worldwide franchise agreements with:

* Sierra Wireless (embedded cellular telephone modules)
* RFM (short-range RF components, ICs and modules)
* Qualcomm Atheros (Wi-Fi chipsets)
* EnOcean (RF modules with energy harvesting capability)

These add to a broad selection of RF offerings from existing franchised suppliers including Synapse, NXP Semiconductors, Freescale, Microchip and Roving Networks. Future RF and Wireless Solutions’ product offerings support applications across the frequency range from low-frequency ICs (used for example in ultra low-power receiver ICs in active RFID tags) to the >2GHz frequencies in use in the latest high-bandwidth embedded LTE (cellular) and Wi-Fi modules.

As well as a broad RF linecard, the new division also offers a team of specialist RF applications engineers who will provide face-to-face support to customers, advising them on system architecture and RF technology, supporting their circuit designs and helping their engineers to optimise and future-proof designs for production. In Europe, dedicated regional RF applications engineers serve each of the UK and Scandinavia, Mediterranean Europe, central Europe, southern France, northern France and Benelux, and Israel.

Future RF and Wireless Solutions’ operations are also backed by Future Electronics’ global supply-chain infrastructure, including a single inventory management system and linked distribution centres in North America (Memphis), Europe, Middle East and Africa (Leipzig, Germany) and Asia (Singapore). Future Electronics’ deep inventory of stocked components enables next-day delivery of many items to most manufacturing locations in the world.

The coherent global operation of Future Electronics enables Future RF and Wireless Solutions to support customers which design RF-enabled products in Europe or North America while manufacturing in volume elsewhere in the world – the division can ensure seamless support to the customer throughout the design and production process.

The RF and Wireless Solutions division is a sister division of Future Lighting Solutions, the distributor of LED lighting components and modules. It follows Future Lighting Solutions’ model of offering specialist expertise to OEMs which want to introduce a new technology into end products which have not previously used it.

Ralf Bühler, Vice President and Managing Director (EMEA), of Future Electronics said: ‘Many OEMs are seeking to add RF capability to end products for cable replacement or to add connectivity to previously stand-alone devices. These manufacturers are very knowledgeable about their core product and its technology, but they often have no experience with RF.

‘Future Electronics has launched Future RF and Wireless Solutions to combine our systems-level expertise and supply-chain excellence with a focus on supporting new RF designs. This combination will help customers more successfully implement RF in their end products, ensuring they make the right choices from the beginning of the design right through to volume production.’

Future RF and Wireless Solutions is being launched at Embedded World, Nuremberg, 28 February – 1 March 2012. Future RF and Wireless Solutions can be found at 4A-108.