Molex EXTreme Guardian system delivers a compact, high-power header and cable solution for the top-end server market

Supporting up to 80 Amps per blade, product meets customer demand for high-current, reliable interconnection without sacrificing PCB real-estate

Molex Incorporated have introduced the EXTreme Guardian™ header and cable solution for high-end servers in the computing and telecommunication markets. The products feature a three circuit, wire-to-board design that delivers up to 80 Amps of current per circuit, a PCB header with centreline spacing of 11.00mm (.433”) for increased PCB real-estate savings and an EMI-shielding option to reduce cable crosstalk and improve immunity to external noise.

“When developing the EXTreme Guardian system, the Molex technical team focused on several requirements expressed by customers, including small package size, high amperage support and good shielding characteristics,” said Ken Stead, new product development manager, Molex. “By gaining a full understanding of these needs, we were able to develop a solution to meet all of the unique physical, mechanical and electrical specifications required by the end user.”

The EXTreme Guardian PCB header assembly reduces network downtime with a recessed, first-mate/last-break terminal that allows for hot-swapping of power units. The headers also include several unique design features such as insert-moulding for higher insert placement accuracy; integral screw threads on the header housing flange for easy and secure mating and locating pegs that enable accurate through-hole positioning of the connector.

The EXTreme Guardian cable assemblies are capable of handing up to 600V, supporting high voltage with the lowest feasible voltage drop and I2R (irreversible dissipative power) losses. Other mechanical features of the cable solution include thumb-screws on the cable overmould that can withstand a minimum extraction force of 14,71 N (3.3 lb); jacket-included strain-relief that can take a minimum pull force of 97,87 N (22 lb) in any direction and a secondary terminal lock to secure the cable from accidental pull out and disconnection.

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