ACS Motion Control expands EtherCAT-based product offering to deliver complete and flexible EtherCAT control solutions

ACS Motion Control expands EtherCAT-based product offering to deliver complete and flexible EtherCAT Control Solutions

ACS Motion Control, an international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion and machine control systems, has expanded its advanced portfolio of EtherCAT drives to further complement its soft and standalone master controllers. ACS’ SPiiPlus EtherCAT family of products offer advanced, high-level machine control with a smaller footprint and lower cost when compared to competing control solutions.  ACS EtherCAT control solutions are fully scalable up to 64 axes with thousands of I/Os, and also support third party EtherCAT devices.

ACS’ powerful EtherCAT master controllers include:

  • SPiiPlusSC — Software-based control platform maximizes performance while minimizing cost. Enabling PCs to run a 64-axis real-time motion controller and high-speed PLC entirely in software, the SPiiPlusSC automatically installs the real-time operating system, and converts a standard Ethernet port into the EtherCAT master communication channel to manage all machine drives and I/O. The advanced soft controller solution simplifies the connectivity of the entire motion control system by eliminating dedicated controller hardware as well as Windows dependence or latency.
  • SPiiPlusNTM – Economical 64-axis standalone controller.
  • MC4Unt – Customizable rack mount control system (up to 8 axes of universal drives) includes integrated EtherCAT master controller that connects additional slave devices to create a 32-axis system.
  •  SPiiPlus CMnt – 32-axis controller includes two built-in high performance universal motor drives (up to 1.6kW per axis).
  • ACS’ master controllers are complemented by a full line of EtherCAT slave motor drives and I/O modules.Each of these devices utilize EtherCAT’s distributed clock feature, providing fully synchronized network motion control with worst case sync jitter of less than 0.1 microseconds.
  • SPiiPlus UDMpm – Single/dual axis high-performance universal drives for linear and rotary motors up to 1600W continuous.
  •  SPiiPlus UDMpc – Single/dual axis high-performance universal drives for motors. up to 400W continuous. Geared for OEMs in a compact PCB mount form factor.
  • SPiiPlus UDMnt – Single/dual axis economical universal drives for motors up to 400W continuous.
  • SPiiPlus IOMnt – Compact digital I/O module with 32 inputs and 32 outputs, up to 0.5A per output (16A total).

The SPiiPlus EtherCAT family is ideal for demanding applications including SMT assembly machines, semiconductor manufacturing and inspection equipment, FPD manufacturing and inspection equipment, solar panel manufacturing, packaging machines, medical body scanners, robotics, wide format printing and motion-centric industrial automation.

For more information about the SPiiPlus Soft Controller and EtherCAT product line, contact ACS at 6575 City West Parkway, Eden Prairie, MN  55344; call 763-559-7669 ext.131; e-mail; or go to