Certified KNX / EIB transceiver with UART interface

Energy efficient and flexible use

Gleichmann Electronics now offers the new E981.03 KNX / EIB transceiver from ELMOS Semiconductor. The E981.03 is a particularly high-performance and energy efficient device for networking KNX fieldbus components.

The device passed conformance testing according to KNX TP1-256 specification V2.0, volume 4 and EIBA AN 149, and is certified by the KNX Association. Data exchange with a transfer rate of up to 115 kbit/s is carried out via a UART interface which can be secured with optional cyclic redundancy check (CRC). Furthermore, an SPI-compatible interface is available to users for configuration and diagnosis.

The voltage supply of the KNX application comes from the KNX bus voltage. The transceiver internally provides two independent voltage regulators for this purpose. In addition, the E981.03 supports various energy-saving modes. For example, the host controller can be put into standby mode with low power consumption and woken up again later by a special KNX message via the bus with the help of the transceiver. Moreover, a configurable maximum KNX bus load (determined by a maximum bus current and a maximum slew rate) guarantees a KNX compliant behavior even when errors occur in the system.

The E981.03 KNX / EIB transceiver is provided in a QFN32L7 package with 0.65 mm pin pitch. Detailed information about the E981.03 can be obtained by sending an email request to