IP67 Vents help Sport Relief

Selectronix Ltd, donate WATERPROOF VENTS free of charge to SPORT RELIEF: used on enclosures housing recording equipment for “John Bishop’s Week of Hell” TV program.  The IP67 waterproof Vents clip into the enclosure, allowing air to flow through the membrane without letting dust or water to ingress.

Technicians were concerned about ‘pressure build-up’ inside the enclosures due to changes in temperature.  These changes in temperature create differences in pressure; this pressure build-up can ultimately damage the seals of the enclosure, leading to failure of the sealed enclosure. The VENT will allow this pressure difference to equalize inside with outside. The VENT also reduces condensation build-up, by allowing moisture to escape out of the sealed enclosure.  Richard Redding of Selectronix commented; “the engineers chose to install multiple vents, to enable heat to escape out of the enclosure; whilst that is not the purpose of the vents, inevitably with multiple vents installed – warm air was able to escape out of the sealed unit”.

The one piece plastic IP67 Vents are quick to install – simply clicking into a hole in the enclosure wall creating a watertight seal.  Manufactured by Nitto Denko in Japan, VENT applications include: car engine management systems (ECU’s), outdoor lighting, outdoor wireless communications enclosures – basically any outdoor electronics housed in a sealed enclosure.  Selectronix is the UK distributor for Nitto Denko Vents and specialize in harsh environment connectors & enclosures.