SEMI to address packaging of 450mm wafers and panel scale technologies

On 24 April, SEMI Europe will host a workshop “Beyond 300mm:  Packaging Challenges and Opportunities for 450mm Wafers and Panel Scale Solutions” which will offer both perspectives and answers to the complex wafer-size transition issue facing the semiconductor industry. The workshop covers the core topics of packaging of 450mm wafers and panel scale solutions.

Much of the discussion will include a front-end view of a 450mm wafer introduction which will create new challenges for assembly and packaging.  Key issues include: What new challenges will emerge related to the packaging of 450mm wafers? Are the issues already addressed by today’s back-end players? Are disruptive technologies expected? Are there opportunities for new entrants? What is the situation in terms of standards?  The workshop will be one of the most complete public discussions to date addressing these open questions. Executives from Entegris, CNSE Albany and SOITEC will deliver presentations. A panel discussion with representatives of EVG, SET, RECIF Technologies and CEA-LETI will allow attendees to interact with experts on the domain.

The second part of the workshop involves selecting panel scale packages. As a normal evolution of packaging to help in reducing cost, speakers will give their thoughts and share latest results on large scale packages. Issues include: What is the situation today in terms of development and maturity? Can large size be fabricated with high throughput and good yields? Speakers in this session will talk about technologies such as fan-out wafer-level packages on rectangular rebuilt wafers, embedded die in laminate, glass carrier with and without vertical vias enabling 2.5D integration. Executive people from YOLE, ASE, STATS ChipPAC and AT&S will present their views.

The workshop is targeting senior-level technologists, managers and executives from leading companies and organizations around the world. Attendees will get an excellent summary and overview of the industry situation on Packaging-related items of 450mm wafer and panel scale solution. Registration will open in early March. For more information, visit

The workshop is organized by SEMI Europe Grenoble Office and hosted by MiNaPAD. The MiNaPAD Conference is co-located and will immediately follow the Beyond 300mm workshop from April 25-26.

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