UNIPOWER announces Sabre Lite series sine wave hot-swap inverter modules

UNIPOWER announces the SABRE LITE series of sine wave, hot-swap inverter modules available in a variety of different but compatible two unit 19in shelves. SABRE LITE inverters incorporate an advanced DSP-controlled architecture to produce a low distortion 50 or 60Hz sine wave, efficiency levels better than 89% and a power density of 10.5W/in³.

SABRE LITE modules are 1kVA/800W and 1.5kVA/1200W, 1U high units which produce either 120VAC or 230VAC nominal outputs from an input voltage range of 40.5 to 58VDC. Two units in a shelf can provide either twice the capacity of a single unit, or operate automatically in an N+1 redundant mode.

The shelves can be supplied with various AC output termination/distribution options including IEC, terminal block and NEMA. Front panel LEDs indicate inverter status including overload and reverse polarity and each module is cooled by internal variable speed fans. Operating temperature range without derating is -5 to + 50ºC.

SABRE LITE series modules comply with a variety of safety standards including IEC, UL and EN60950-1 as well as EN300 386:2001 Class B for EMC emissions.

As with all UNIPOWER products, SABRE LITE series modules come with a two year warranty as standard.