Celebrating Pi Day with a Raspberry Pi: element14 announces winners of the Pi Day “Raspberry Road Test” Challenge

Top 3 winners become the lucky recipients of the highly desired Raspberry Pi

element14, the first collaborative community and electronics store for design engineers and electronics enthusiasts, powered by Premier Farnell, has announced the three winners of its global “Raspberry Road Test” challenge. Peter Fenech, Gizmo B73 and Jodi Curtis are the proud owners of the amazing credit card sized computer, the Raspberry Pi that launches today on Pi Day.

The challenge, launched last week, invited Raspberry Pi fans around the world for a chance to win one of the mostly hotly desired gadgets of the year by submitting their answers to the question – “What innovation will you create using the amazing Raspberry Pi computer”? Several entries were received during the week on element14’s RoadTest group with a range of innovative ideas on what users would create with the Raspberry Pi. The “Raspberry Road Test” challenge engaged several like minded fans of the Raspberry Pi, encouraging them to talk about their ideas and creations on the community, as well as submit their ideas for amazing innovations.

The winners submitted their innovative ideas via the group and are extremely delighted to win the coveted computer.

“This is absolutely incredible and I feel so lucky to own such a sought-after device, thanks to element14’s Road Test challenge,” said Peter Fenech. “I can empathise with the huge demand for the Raspberry Pi as this is truly an innovation that is one of the most exciting electronic/embedded computing products to be launched for decades. Today design engineers and would-be coders across the world are clamouring to get their hands on the device to see how it can be modified and what innovative programs can be created to run on it, and I am one of the lucky ones to be able to secure one on Pi Day!”

Why they wanted their Pi

“Being quite new to the world of electronics and coding I enrolled in this RoadTest to be able to fully test the purpose of the Raspberry Pi which is to see how young students cope with the technology and how much they can understand the amazement of working with hardware that can be coded for many different needs such as a music player or even a small PC that can run Linux.”

“I have many project ideas that I would like to try with the Raspberry Pi however my most adventurous is probably an autonomous roving robot,” said Gizmo B73. “I have an existing tracked base that I will use and combine this with an Arduino Mega connected to a motor driver and other sensors for interaction with the environment. I will use the GPIO on the computer to interact with the Arduino, and then use OpenCV with webcams to implement Computer Vision using the Raspberry Pi and then use a USB WiFi dongle too so that I can monitor the Raspberry Pi as it roves around.”

“I was thinking of programming a low to mid frequency signal generator, 5v power source and oscilloscope, with an add-on D/A for classrooms with my flatmate,” said Jodi Curtis.

Check out further information on how to get your Raspberry Pi and ongoing discussions at element14’s Raspberry Pi Group on the community.

The Raspberry Pi units that have been given away as prizes for this unique challenge are pre-production and are not part of the consumer allocation units from element14.