So small but still a laser – new wavelengths available

Laser modules designed for the consumer market are often assembled with individual components, such as the laser diode, collimator, and drive electronics, to save space and money.  With our LC-LMD series (Low Cost – Laser Module Dot), we offer a competitive and uncomplicated alternative:  complete laser modules, inexpensive, and the smallest design available worldwide.

The high demand of the consumer market coupled with a need for reduced prices has resulted in the production of additional low cost modules.  These are now available in our product portfolio.

The smallest laser module measures just Ø3.3mm x 7mm long whilst others include focusing optics, coaxial alignment, and other useful parameter, thereby suiting many additional applications.

In addition to the 650nm modules already introduced, 635nm, 780nm and 850nm wavelength modules are also available.

Whether requiring ‘one off’ or large volume, contact us with your requirements!

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