Program offers fast access to semiconductors

Working in cooperation with original chip manufacturers, Rochester Electronics provides a semiconductor device stocking program for active parts, said to provide factory traceable, 100 per cent guaranteed products with little to no lead time.

Factory authorized safety stock (Fasst) helps keep production lines running without interruption. The program is complementary to the main sales channel and makes millions of active semiconductors available immediately. Manufacturers include Analog Devices, Fairchild, Freescale, Intel, ON Semiconductor and more. The program also helps eliminate the possibility of substandard and counterfeit components entering the supply chain, as all devices are traceable to the original manufacturer.

Director of marketing and communication at Rochester Electronics, George Karalias, explained: “As original semiconductor manufacturers reach over-stock of certain products, Rochester acquires these parts and makes them available for times when supply is limited due to factory production lead times.”