Eliminate noise now

With advanced magnetics designed to eliminate common noise to all lines in power supply designs, the new CMT-8100 series common mode inductors from Triad Magnetics boast rugged construction and materials for high-temperature applications.

Said to be highly dependable, CMT-8100 inductors offer EMI suppression over a wide frequency spectrum and a high current capacity. They are designed to minimize AC line transmitted interference created by high frequency switching power supplies and are normally placed close to the input power source.

Applications include industrial controls, plant instrumentation and heavy duty equipment, where the number of devices operating and the density of their placement often leads to noise problems. Filtering provided ensures equipment operates reliably in challenging high density environments.

Depending on the model and the quantity ordered, CMT series transformers start at $2.25 each in quantities of 1000 units with delivery from stock to eight weeks lead time. They are available off-the-shelf from Triad’s distributors.