New Wide Input Range 600W DC Input Front-End Power Module from Powerstax

Powerstax D0601 DC Input Front-End Power Module

Powerstax, one of Europe’s leading value-added power solutions manufacturers, announces the introduction of the D0601 DC input 1U rack mounted front-end power module to complement its existing popular range of AC input models.

The Powerstax D0601 is designed to operate as part of a DC-UPS or distributed DC power system, with or without battery backup and operates over the input range 80-350VDC. Typical applications include; telecom and data-com equipment, file servers, storage systems and networking solutions, distributed power systems and large battery charging applicatio

Three D0601 modules may be incorporated in a 1U rack shelf to provide 24, 28, 48, 54.5 or 56.2VDC output with up to 1800W total output power or 1200W in N+1 redundant mode. The D0601 has comprehensive protection and alarm features including; over voltage and over current protection, over temperature warning and protection, power fail warning and alarm, remote on/off and load remote sense. D0601 modules feature active load sharing and up to 12 units may be connected for redundant parallel operation. Other standard features include high efficiency, up to 80%, hot-swap connectivity, low start-up temperature of -30ºC, operating temperature range up to 60ºC, front panel LED status indicators and I²C bus for monitoring voltage, current and temperature by network host systems. Powerstax are also able to supply a matching rack shelf complete with I²C monitoring.

Tim Worley, CEO of Powerstax comments;” Our new D0601 DC input front-end is a valuable addition to our range of power-shelf solutions and will be particularly useful for designers of high efficiency data-centres, network storage and communication systems.”

Powerstax can supply an extensive range of standard, value-added and custom AC & DC power solutions for a broad range of fixed and mobile applications including hot swap front end AC-DC bulk power, DC-DC converter bricks and modules and programmable, modular rack mounted power supplies, for use in Industrial, Defence, Transportation, Avionics, Telecoms, Datacoms, IT, Test, Measurement and Control, Medical equipment and all commercial markets. For more information a data sheet may be downloaded from or contact