Ultra-compact conductive folding boxes protect against static

Protecting electronic products and components from the unseen dangers of Electrostatic Discharges (ESD) is an important consideration for many manufacturers. Harmful static charges from as little as 20 volts can occur simply as a result of friction between, or the separation of two materials, although this can be enough to damage the most sensitive of electronic components. Often the damage isn’t immediately noticeable but ESD can, in some circumstances significantly reduce the longevity of a device, or cause it to malfunction without warning.

A solution to the problem is now available from storage specialists STAKRAK with the introduction of their ESD range of ultra-compact, space-saving conductive folding boxes which are designed to provide effective protection for sensitive products from the risks of static discharges.

The innovative design of the foldable ESD boxes results is significant space savings compared to traditional moulded boxes. For example, straight sides ensure true internal volume with no taper to maximise storage space and when folded they are reduced to 80% of their original size and so require minimal space for storage or return trip.

ESD Boxes are made from an electro-conductive plastic which eliminates the risks of powerful charges building up and are available from stock in three standard sizes.  These are 22 litre capacity measuring 400 x 300 x 200, 44 litre capacity, 600 x 400 x 220 and a 65 litre option, measuring 600 x 400 x 320.

Depending on specific requirements, ESD boxes can be supplied with drop-on lids for the 44 litre and 65 litre options, although all sizes can also be manufactured with attached lids if required.