Atmel to showcase power efficient microcontroller solutions


  •  Meet with Atmel Technology Experts and See Live Demos in Booth #916
  • Atmel Technical Theater Presentations Featured on the Hour 

Atmel  Corporation, a leader in microcontroller and touch solutions, has announced that it will be exhibiting a variety of its microcontroller (MCU) and embedded solutions at ESC DESIGN West 2012 Silicon Valley in San Jose, California, March 26-29, 2012. At Atmel booth #916, attendees can see demos including:

  • Atmel Studio 6: A single integrated development environment supporting two of the most popular MCU architectures, Atmel ARM processor-based devices and Atmel AVR devices. This demo shows how designers can use the optimized design environment to debug 8- and 32-bit AVR MCUs and Cortex-M3-based MCUs.
  • Atmel AVR Solutions: An iPod docking station with RF remote control, demonstrating Atmel’s system solution. The demo is built on software modules provided by Atmel to help developers accelerate their software design. These solutions also demonstrate capacitive touch with proximity sensing, RF and Made For iPod (MFi) support.
  • A home security platform: Based on the Atmel SAM3S ARM Cortex-M3 processor-based Flash  MCU, the platform uses a low-power ZigBee wireless passive infrared (PIR) motion detector camera for a secure, cost-efficient system.
  • A temperature sensor louver: Utilizing an Atmel UC3-L0 Xplained development board and Atmel Temperature Sensor Xplained add-on board, the system demonstrates temperature monitoring using a heat source and mechanical louver panel.
  • An in-home display: Using a multi-touch Android tablet featuring Atmel maXTouch technology and Atmel SAM9M10 ARM926-based embedded MCU, the in-home display will demonstrate touch capability on a low-power handheld device.
  • An efficient, ultra-low power MCU unit: Highlighting MCU efficiency using the Atmel AVR XMEGA MCU, this demonstration exhibits fast wake-up from low-power modes to ultra-low power consumption.
  • Power supply authentication: Featuring the Atmel CryptoAuthentication ATSHA204 device, this solution will demonstrate improved safety and cloning prevention.

Atmel Technology Experts and technical experts from partnering companies will present on a variety of topics on the hour in the Atmel Theater, located in booth #916. Come by to learn more about Atmel solutions.