A bright outlook for Optosource: new LEDs offer 40% luminous efficiency

Marl Optosource’ new range of Citizen LED’s is not only its most efficient ever, but also includes what it believes is the world’s brightest production LED.

Marl Optosource is offering new Citizen LEDs in a range of five types with light outputs from 100 lumens to 17,675 lumens, to replace a variety of light sources from a 10W incandescent bulb to a floodlight. The key feature of the range is its exceptional luminous efficiency: they are 40% more efficient than the manufacturer’s existing products and achieve 155 lm/W.

With five basic types offering hundreds of different combinations of light level and colour, lighting designers can create a wide variety of lighting effects within a standard luminaire simply by changing the LED insert. Marl is offering a simulation tool to help designers select the best product for their application.

The brightest LED in the range delivers 17,675 lumens, compared to 4,390lm which was the maximum for Citizen’s conventional products. This high luminous flux and the exceptional efficiency of the whole range has been achieved by using Citizen’s Chip on Aluminium technology to improve heat dissipation, and through careful selection and optimisation of the construction materials.

Commenting, Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director of Marl, said, “Citizen has been developing LEDs for lighting since 2003, pioneering high wattage LEDs. The company is still a world leader in the field, and Marl is proud to bring this truly exceptional product range to market.”