Essemtec Brazil moves to Campinas and strengthens sales team

Helio Queiroz

Many customers in Brazil may already know Helio Queiroz, the new sales & project manager of Essemtec Brazil. Helio has worked for other companies in the industry for more than 18 years. Therefore, he has a wide knowledge of the requirements of electronics manufacturing companies. Additionally, he is an experienced process specialist for all fields of SMT applications.

Helio joined Essemtec at the beginning of February. In his new role, he is responsible for supporting customers in their decision process for highly flexible production equipment for electronics from the Swiss manufacturer Essemtec. Furthermore, Helio will be a consultant for consumables and will provide in-depth process knowledge in evaluations and process trainings.

Roberto Cardozo, managing director of Essemtec Brazil, is pleased to have Helio join his team. “Brazil is one of the future markets worldwide. To ensure high quality we need highly educated staff.” He further emphasized, “To be on the spot we decided to move our office to Campinas. Campinas is one of the most attractive regions in Brazil due to its efficient road network and airport infrastructure, qualified workforce and proximity to suppliers, universities and research centers.”