New fuse offers high breaking capacity of 1500 A at rated voltage

With the SHT 6.3×32, SCHURTER is expanding its range of high-voltage equipment fuses. The high breaking capacity of 1500 A at rated voltage opens up many interesting application possibilities. The SHT 6.3×32 is available as a fuse link or pigtail version. Both models protect personnel and electronic systems from over current and potential fires resulting from catastrophic short circuit events.

SCHURTER is initially offering the SHT 6.3×32 in ten rated currents from 1 to 8 A. The fuse stands out due to its high breaking capacity of 1500 A at a voltage rating of 500 VAC. Besides a wide range of applications in the energy and industrial sectors, the SHT 6.3×32 is especially well suited for the protection of 3-phase systems.

SCHURTER offers the SHT 6.3×32 as a fuse link or a version with pigtails. Fuse links can be used in clips and fuse holders, which allows easy replacement of fuses without de-soldering. SCHURTER offers a broad range of such clips and fuse holders suited for use with the SHT 6.3×32. The pigtail version allows direct assembly on printed circuit boards by means of through-hole technology and soldering.

As a fuse that conforms to RoHS, the SHT 6.3×32 can be put to use in lead-free systems. Compatibility with the most important competitive products allows SCHURTER to offer the SHT 6.3×32 as a form, fit and function substitute product. The SHT 6.3×32 fuse is cURus approved.