PREMO enhances its emitter antenna range with the KGEA-HB series

The new series of broadcast antennas KGEA-HB, are designed for field emission LF (low frequency) and allow remote access to the car to those customers who have identification devices as vehicle passive entry. The antenna is protected and sealed by a system of ultrasonic welding.

This half bridge antenna can be inserted in the bumper or trunk of the vehicle and/or in some locations subjected to extreme environmental condition. Waterproof connector built-in proper plastic box provide a fully sealed antenna system to avoid any kind of dust and water ingress.

Key points:

  • Transmitter low frequency (LF).
  • High stability in temperature (-40ºC up to +85ºC).
  • Ideally used in keyless smart entry system.
  • Resonant frequency adjusting below +/- 1%.
  • Medium-Large reading distances with average current 1-3Apk-pk.
  • Strong anchor points which provide an easy assembly and will ensure mechanical robustness.
  • Custom L-C value (F-Res) under demand.

For more information about dimensions, electrical diagrams and values chart, please visit PREMO website: