Intertronics appointed UK distributor for Polytec PT

Intertronics are delighted to have been appointed UK distributor for Polytec PT – the polymer technology adhesives company whose products include electrically and thermally conductive adhesives, and a range of adhesives for optical and opto-electronic applications. They include USP Class VI materials for medical device manufacture, and a series of state of the art modified polyimides which offers excellent thermal resistance compared to any other organic adhesives, useful in the temperature range from 240°C to 560°C.

Commented Intertronics MD Peter Swanson, “We are now able to offer the full range of Polytec electrically conductive and thermally conductive epoxies for applications such as die attach, chip bonding, micro-electronics, hybrids, opto-electronics, LED and photo-voltaics. Of particular note is the Polytec pre-mixed and frozen supply system which eliminates adhesive measuring and mixing, and the settlement of fillers prior to application.”

This and much more technical background material is available in an especially useful guide  available from the Intertronics website at which gives insights and advice regarding adhesives and shares a sophisticated understanding of their descriptive vocabulary, as well as notes on filled adhesives with typical application/dispensing methods, selecting the “best” adhesive – with some practical processing tips and a comprehensive tabulation of Polytec PT products with their properties and characteristics. For further information please see or visit their blog at