Avnet Memec adds communication magnetics from HALO Electronics, to Americas offering

Expanding an existing distribution agreement in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Avnet Memec, a division of Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas, a business region of Avnet, Inc., has announced it will offer high-quality, communication magnetics from HALO Electronics, Inc. to customers in the Americas.

HALO’s lines of communication magnetics products include signal transformers, filters, CMR chokes and low-power DC/DC converters and DC/DC converter magnetics. In addition, HALO offers a complete line of local area networking (LAN) products including Ethernet (10BASE2, 10BASE-T, 10/100, 1G and 10G), Token Ring, ATM and Fiber Channel over copper. HALO also offers a broad range of wide area network (WAN) products for T1/E1/PRI ISDN, T3/E3/DS3, DSL, as well as 56 and 64Kbps for DDS, DSU and OCU applications.

“Expanding our relationship with Avnet Memec to the Americas provides a unique opportunity to our customers,” according to Jeff Heaton, vice president, technical marketing, HALO. “The synergistic product offering and the technical expertise of the Avnet Memec team, along with HALO’s 20-year magnetic experience and patented SMD construction should create an exciting and meaningful relationship.”

“HALO’s industry-leading technology is a perfect complement to the Avnet Memec product offering and provides a great isolation option for designs that integrate Ethernet and/or T1/E1 connections,” said Phil Sansone, senior vice president, Avnet Memec. “Our team of technical specialists is ready to help our customers in the Americas find ways to utilize the technology offered from HALO.”

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