High density connector suitable for HDTV signal transmission

The Telegärtner BNC EasyGrip HD3, a 75ohm BNC plug that conforms to IEC standard (IEC 61 169-8), is now available in the UK from Quadrant Connections.

Specifically designed to address the requirements of HDTV signal transmission in professional applications, this high density connector has a large grip area to ensure quick and reliable connection, a robust die-cast housing and an integrated strain relief that provides protection from mechanical stress over the length of the connector and stress-free bending of the cable.

It is available in popular 75ohm cable sizes and is IP67 rated when mated.  Its excellent transmission characteristics up to 4.5GHz (typically better than -30dB at 3GHz) makes it highly suitable for HDTV signal transmission in TV studios, outdoor broadcasting vehicles and live events.

Based in Welham Green, near Hatfield, Hertfordshire, Quadrant Connections supplies a wide range of connectors, cables, antenna systems and speech communication products from top quality manufacturers.  The company also manufactures coaxial and multi-wire cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and panel assemblies to the highest standards for leading global companies.  Quadrant Connections is wholly owned by Telegärtner.