Quick-mount pushbutton switch for easy connection

“quick connect” pushbutton switch

Knitter-switch, one of Europe’s leading switch manufacturers, announces a panel-mount pushbutton switch that can be quickly mounted and easily connected for use in a wide variety of applications including power supply equipment, solar controllers, automotive service systems, vending machines, alarm panels and battery chargers.

The DPW-FO/DPWL-FO series pushbutton switches are available in snap-in and threaded panel mounting options and are simple to connect to equipment via 2.8 x 0.4mm fast-on tabs for rapid solder-free termination. Switching contacts are rated at 400mA @ 32VAC, 100mA @ 50VDC and 125mA @ 125VAC and the operating temperature range is -30 to +85ºC. Mechanical life of the switch is >1,000,000 operations and electrical life is >500,000 cycles.

Rated to IP67 from the front, DPW-FO/DPWL-FO series switches can be supplied in a number of button colours as well as a range of round and square, plastic and metal cases.

LED illumination in numerous single colour and bi-colours is also an option although this requires the use of solder terminals.

All DPW-FO/DPWL-FO switches features gold plated contacts and terminals.

Standard switches are available from a number of distributors throughout Europe. Samples are usually available on next day delivery.

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