Power factor correction: controllers for single-phase networks

TDK Corporation has extended its range of EPCOS power factor controllers. The new BR7000-I controller is designed specifically for single-phase networks and combines all the performance features and functions of the proven BR6000 series with the benefits of the BR7000 controller.

All information is displayed on a large graphic LCD display with a resolution of 128 x 64 dots. Context-related help texts can be called up at any time via a HELP key. The power factor cos ? is displayed with three digits, and tan ? can also be shown. Three results can be shown simultaneously in display mode. Odd harmonics can be measured and displayed up to the 33rd order, and even harmonics up to the 16th order. The selected harmonics can also be represented in bar charts.

The controller has 12 or 13 outputs. The message and alarm relay parameters may be programmed to open or close. The BR7000-I (ordering code B44066R7012E230) can be combined very effectively with EPCOS capacitor contactors and PFC capacitors.


  • Reactive power: This invariably occurs when the phase angle between current and voltage is shifted. Reactive power is caused by inductive loads such as electric motors and transformers and despite being quite useless, is necessarily generated by power plants.
  • Power factor correction (PFC): Reactive power can be almost completely corrected by connecting-in PFC capacitors. This reduces energy costs and helps protect the environment.

Main applications

  • PFC in single and three-phase industrial networks.

Main features and benefits

  • Large graphic LCD display with a resolution of 128 x 64 dots.
  • Display of a wide range of measured values, including harmonics.