Ultra mini PCB mount power supply modules pack a powerful punch

Believed to be the smallest, fully functional, universal input, switch mode power supply solution available the BIAS Power product series from PowerPax UK Ltd is available in output powers of 0.5W, 1.0W, 2.0W and 4.0W with universal AC input (85-265VAC). These power supplies provide good levels of efficiency and have low no-load input power of <30mW. The standard operating temperature range is -30 to +70°C with extended temperature range (-40 to +85°C) models available. All models provide full output power capability over the entire temperature range with no de-rating. These power supplies are rated for a minimum of 3kV isolation and feature overload protection.

This range offers a drop in solution to many power supply requirements, there is no need to re-invent the wheel with larger home-grown power supply designs. The UL, cUL and CE approval (UL/EN60950-1 2nd Edition) assist in easy handling of safety requirements while the ultra-miniature footprint enables engineers to make best use of PCB space.

These power supplies are based on a patented circuit design, incorporating a custom ASIC, that effectively eliminates line EMI (conducted EMI emissions to EN 55022, Class B and FCC Part 15, Class B ) so that no external filtering is required. The low emissions characteristics make these products particularly suitable for sensitive applications such as ZigBee IEEE (802.15.4), Z-wave, Bluetooth GSM, GPRS and other emissions critical requirements.

Unlike other PCB mount power supplies these products have a constant power output making them suitable for applications where traditional current overload protection simply cannot be used i.e. capacitor charging for burst radio applications. They are suitable for many other applications including security systems, standby power, lighting occupancy sensors, lighting control, energy management, HVAC, remote and networked smart sensors, smart utility meters, power-line carrier devices, building automation, wired and wireless control devices, sub-metering, IR receivers and low power telemetry.

These products offer a compact footprint, believed to be the smallest on the market, with the 0.5 and 1W versions having dimensions of 27.94 x 23.24 x 13.97mm, 2W 34.21 x 28.37 x 14.76mm and 4W 48.5 x 33.3 x 24.9mm. The fully encapsulated construction protects the supply and simplifies assembly.