Hitaltech’s recently launched ‘Conex-it’ range

Spring Clamp terminal blocks and connectors

The use of a spring clamp terminal block or plug eliminates the need for screw tightening therefore reducing installation time. This reduction in installation time and difficulty allows the end user to consider using spring clamp terminal blocks and connectors on a relatively small pitch through their availability on three different operating mechanisms (including push button, lever and push wire).

Within the ‘Conex-it’ range Hitaltech offer Spring Clamp terminal blocks and plugs across a complete range of pitches and current ratings which aim to offer a solution to varying wire to board applications.

HSFA plug and HMSA header

Rated at 4A from 2 to 24 poles and available on a 2.5, 3.5 & 3.81mm pitch, the HSFA spring clamp plug and mating HMSA PCB mounted header are an ideal solution for low current applications where space is limited on the printed circuit board. The spring clamp mechanism ensures a constant pressure is applied to the wire being terminated therefore reducing the effect of vibration on terminated connections. The push button mechanism removes the need for a screw to be tightened during the installation therefore saving time.

Straight and right angle HMSA headers are available and can also be supplied in high temperature plastic which can withstand the temperatures associated with reflow soldering. These high temperature headers are also compatible with “Pick and Place” automated mounting robotics and can be supplied taped on reel.

High Power Rising Clamp Screw Terminal Blocks and Connectors

Available across a range of pitches from 2 to 24 poles the Conex-it range includes screw terminal blocks and connectors suitable for high current applications.

HRTA and HRTC terminal blocks.

Available on 10.16mm and 12.7mm the HRTA Rising clamp screw terminal block can be interlocked up to 24 ways and is UL rated at 300V, 65A (10.16mm pitch) and 600V, 65A (12.7mm pitch).

For applications requiring a current rating higher than 65A, the HRTC product is available as a monolithic block from 2 to 10 poles and is rated as 600V, 125A on a 15.00mm pitch. A locking flange version of the HRTC product is also offered for applications which are subjected to increased vibration.

Both the HRTA & HRTC products can be supplied in a range of colours with custom markings also available.

High power Screw plugs and sockets.

Suitable for applications requiring high current ratings, the HRFB screw plug and HMSB socket are available from 2 to 16 poles on a 7.62mm pitch and are rated at 300V, 32A. The HRFB and HMSB are available with locking screw flanges to ensure a tight connection even in applications where vibration occurs.

For applications requiring a current rating higher than 32A, the HRFC plug and HMSC header are also available. Rated at 300V, 55A on a 10.16mm pitch, the plug and sockets can be supplied from 2 to 12 poles and are also available with locking screw flanges.

Straight and right angle versions are available for both the HMSB and HMSC headers.