Custom designed DC power system solutions from UNIPOWER

UNIPOWER LLC has established a dedicated engineering and sales support team to provide a new level of service to its DC Power Systems customers. According to the company, this new initiative turns UNIPOWER’s Telecom Division into a “full DC power system” provider able to offer customers exactly what they require based on industry leading power supply technology.

The company has developed a dedicated team to custom design fully integrated rack or cabinet DC power systems to meet a user’s specific needs. These custom systems are built using UNIPOWER’s full range of standard power components which includes rectifiers, DC/DC converters, DC distribution panels and inverters. For some applications, UNIPOWER’s popular line of Gravitas integrated systems can also be developed to provide customized 48, 24 or 12VDC solutions.

Commenting on this new service, UNIPOWER CEO, Tom Kell says, “Our customers appreciate the quality of our rectifiers, converters, inverters, and other components but continually ask us for these to be fully integrated into a system; We are now better able to meet their needs with custom 48, 24 or 12VDC integrated solutions ranging in power from a few Amps to 600 plus Amps”.

“For the first time, UNIPOWER is in a position to say “yes” to customers looking for   completely integrated power solutions, pre-wired and assembled in racks or cabinets for quick, easy installation. The new team is prepared to quickly configure and supply systems that may combine, say, a 1RU Gravitas Compact System along with inverters and batteries for a long-term UPS application, or simply configure a 600A DC power system capable of providing hours of back up.” Concludes Tom Kell.