Mitsubishi Electric Europe Semiconductor expands industrial TFT sales efforts

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Semiconductor Group has announced a major initiative to expand sales efforts in Europe for its industrial TFT-LCD modules. This announcement follows the acquisition by Kyocera Corporation of Optrex Corporation, one of Mitsubishi Electric’s sales channels for industrial TFT displays. Effective immediately, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will replace Optrex’ sales structure in Europe with its own Mitsubishi Electric Europe sales and customer support network.

“Mitsubishi Electric has many years of experience selling its TFT-LCD products in global industrial markets and has a strong, well-established sales and distribution network to support our customers’ needs”, said Masaki Kakizaki, Deputy Manager, TFT Marketing, Mitsubishi Electric Europe. Mitsubishi Electric Europe, based in Ratingen close to Dusseldorf in Germany, started sales of TFT-LCD modules in 2008. It has sales offices in many major cities including Paris, London, Milan and Moscow.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe’s parent company, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, has been supplying industrial TFT displays to Optrex since April 2002, according to the terms of a supply agreement. With Kyocera’s acquisition of Optrex, the parties will terminate this supply agreement effective September 30, 2012. Ikuo Ogo, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s deputy general manager TFT-LCD marketing,  commented, “Our top priority is to support our customer base with an uninterrupted supply of TFT displays  whilst providing the same level of high-quality professional technical support.”

All European customers can place orders for industrial TFT displays with Mitsubishi Electric Europe’s network of official distributors, which are listed at