New Hirose VIP partnership makes DF36 series easier to design in

New Hirose VIP Partnership Makes DF36 Series Easier to Design In

Hirose, a leader in the development of connector solutions, has announced a new partnership with Micro Interconnects that will help design engineers specify and design in the DF36 board-to-fine coaxial cable connectors. The 0.4mm pitch, 1.5mm mated heightboard-to-fine coaxial cable connector for displays, instrumentation and high definition imaging applications offers high contact reliability and enhanced shielding, making it ideal for applications in space-restricted areas, such as hand-held devices.

The partnership with Micro Interconnects is a result of a larger initiative by Hirose. In an effort to provide solutions for the rapidly changing and evolving electronic interconnect marketplace, Hirose has recently released a number of new state-of-the-art micro-coax connectors. The super high density of these products necessitates the involvement of a qualified micro-coax value-added reseller; in support of this emerging requirement, Hirose has established a qualification process under its Value Added Interconnect program (VIP) and has announced a VIP partnership with Micro Interconnects.

“Our customers who wanted to specify the DF36 in their designs often found it challenging to terminate the connector due to its fine cable and delicate connection,” said Rick van Weezel, vice president of sales and marketing for Hirose Electric USA.

“By partnering with Micro Interconnects through our Value Added Interconnect (VIP), we are simplifying the design process for our customers.”

The Micro Interconnects team has more than 100 years of collective experience and delivers specific expertise in the following areas:

High integrity signal delivery: high bandwidth, low loss, tight electrical tolerances; · High mechanical reliability and durability: dense packaging, ease of route-ability, high flexibility, long life under mechanical and environmental stress; · Phase stability under mechanical and thermal extremes; · Light-weight, ultra-dense packaging in single or multi-conductor constructions to 50 AWG; · Rugged crush, torque, bend resistant designs.

“High Speed Interconnects, LLC is very excited to be working with Hirose Electric.  We share many traits such as industry experience, quality products, technology and a dedication to customer satisfaction and responsiveness,” said Alex Guletsky, president, business development at High Speed Interconnects, LLC, the parent company of Micro Interconnects.  “Our expertise in manufacturing and terminating micro coax coupled with excellent Hirose products will allow customers to fully utilize micro-coaxial assemblies in critical applications, both where NPI schedules are fast-track, as well as in full production.”

The DF36 provides a secure connection for applications with tight space constraints. Small connectors in tight spaces need to provide reliable connectivity and high performance to ensure the uptime and productivity. It is available in a standard version with 1.5mm mated height and 4.4mm depth, as well as a space-saver version with a 1.33mm mated height and a 2.8mm depth.

Both the connector design and materials ensure an easy, reliable connection. Enhanced EMC shielding and ground connections are achieved with metal covers on the plug and receptacle that connect to each other with reliable multi-point ground contacts with locks at four locations that confirm mating with a tactile click.

Additionally, formed metal shells on the top and side surfaces form a strong and rigid assembly, while nickel barriers prevent solder wicking in the critical contact areas.

The DF36 connectors have a current rating of 0.25A to 0.1A and a voltage rating of 30 VAC. Contact resistance of the series is 100 mA and the connectors are guaranteed for 30 mating cycles.  The DF36 connector range is available in 15-, 25-, 30-, 40-, 45- and 50-pin versions. They accept AWG 42 to 46 cable sizes. Pricing and lead times are available upon request.

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