Binder UK launches marketing initiative on low-cost IP67 connectors

Binder UK is launching a major UK marketing initiative involving the Binder 620 and 720 series of low cost, all-plastic, snap-in, circular connectors.

The Binder Series 620 and 720 are lightweight and compact with the 620 11.5mm in diameter and the 720 is 16.0mm, they are protected to IP67 and have excellent electrical characteristics up to 7A and 250V.  The range has a unique snap-in fitting method that provides high levels of connect integrity and an extremely convenient and safe connect and disconnect action.

The range has been expanded recently with the introduction of moulded and dip solder versions for mounting directly on to a PCB and this makes it highly suited to many applications including drives and control systems, data-logging, medical equipment, industrial measuring equipment, sensors, laboratory instrumentation, communications, LED lighting and security systems.

In order to promote the range to as many application areas as possible, Binder UK has set up a promotional campaign starting in April and running for the remainder of 2012 whereby engineers can obtain samples absolutely free of charge for product evaluation.  Binder UK will be mailing samples to engineers within its own database and its main distribution partners Aerco, Foremost Electronics, Northern Connectors and Quadrant Connections will also be closely involved in the campaign.

David Phillips, Binder UK managing director said: “In-house we refer to the Binder 620/720 as the ‘perfect connector’ of its type for price versus performance and this is the theme we are adopting for the campaign.  It’s our invitation for engineers and buyers to check whether our claim is justified by testing the connector themselves.”