Caledon Controls announces world’s least expensive printed circuit board

Caledon Controls Ltd. has through a collaborative effort between them, Vast Films and Triangle Labs created the worlds least expensive interconnect structure (PCB). They announced recently.

By using PDIM (Pre-Deposited Images in Metal) technology as supplied by Caledon and Vast Films, Triangle Labs successfully developed a process using some of their proprietary technology to copper electroplate PDIM film.

Triangle Research’s Bob Grey confirmed that PDIM supplied with a copper seed image was plated to a thickness of 1.2 mils (30um) maintaining the high adhesion characteristics normally associated with PDIM’s selective pure metal deposition process.

The selection of a ductile copper bath delivered a 24% elongation quoted as being very flexible was the end result.

This ability to plate opens new doors for PDIM in circuit board applications indicates Caledon’s Mike DuBois. “As is, PDIM as delivered is in many ways superior to Printed Electronics which are limited by the use of conductive inks. A PDIM circuit already eliminates processes and materials required to produce “print and etch” product at several factors less cost. Electroplating a PDIM image can now increase current carrying capabilities to equal that of traditional PCB’s eliminating over a dozen process steps involving many consumable products.”

“Our ability to be selective on surfaces also means that a pre-perforated film could be metalized with PDIM including the wall of the hole. Plating the surface and the hole wall produces a reliable via connection to the opposite metal imaged side making a double sided PCB as simple as procuring PDIM, electroplating and trimming buss connections.”

PDIM is available as a service to producers of printed circuits whose abilities to electroplate the purchased film would help them fill their customers’ needs for low cost interconnect.

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