TI introduces industry’s most highly integrated audio codec for mobile devices

Audio and voice processing algorithms enable better user experience in mobile phones, tablets and mobile computing devices

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) has introduced the industry’s most highly integrated audio codec with embedded miniDSP cores, providing echo and noise cancellation at wideband voice sampling rates up to 16 kHz. The TLV320AIC3262 integrates five amplifiers and two miniDSP cores, and gives designers the ability to interface to up to three devices simultaneously, such as application, Bluetooth and baseband processors. Audio and voice samples can be received, mixed and processed seamlessly within the codec. The inclusion of TI audio and voice algorithms, as well as third party algorithms, available on the codec and as additional licenses, benefits designers creating multi-purpose and high-definition audio designs for mobile devices. For more information and to order samples, visit

Key features and benefits of the TLV320AIC3262:

  • Third-generation miniDSP technology enables wideband noise and echo cancellation at up to 16 kHz to create clear, high-definition voice quality for circuit-switched or VoIP calls, including video conferencing applications.
  • SRS WOW HD, included as a standard feature at no additional cost to customers, improves audio playback quality and enables faster processing by offloading the duties of the host processor to the codec. Designers can also evaluate other certified pre-integrated SRS solutions such as TruMedia, CircleSurround Headphone and TruSurround HD, which are available commercially through direct licensing agreements with SRS Labs, Inc.
  • Three asynchronous audio buses plus asynchronous sampling rate conversion (ASRC) allows designers to connect to multiple audio sources and mix multiple sample rates.
  • Intelligent speaker protection algorithms control voice coil temperature and diaphragm excursion to enable maximum possible loudness without damaging the speaker.

Availability and pricing

The is available now in a 4.8-mm x 4.8-mm WCSP package, priced at $4.95 in quantities of 1,000.

Tools and support

The TLV320AIC3262EVM-U allows designers to evaluate the TLV320AIC3262’s operation, priced at $299. An IBIS model and miniDSP software drivers are also available.

The PurePath Studio Graphical Development Environment (GDE) simplifies the design process for products with miniDSP and audio processing capabilities. The GDE includes all algorithms from previous versions of the software, as well as newly added algorithms and enhancements specifically for the TLV320AIC3262. This enhanced version of the software is also capable of running more algorithms in parallel than previous generations.

Ensuring consistent, high-quality audio

The TLV320AIC3262 can be easily paired with TI’s boosted class-D speaker amplifiers, such as the TPA2015, TPA2025 and TPA2080. These devices maintain a constant output power even when the battery drops, further enhancing the TLV320AIC3262’s algorithms, including speaker protection.

Designers who are using a different signal processing solution can take advantage of the TLV320AIC3262’s integration and features without the additional cost of the miniDSP by designing with the TLV320AIC3212. These two codecs are pin-to-pin compatible, so that users of the TLV320AIC3212 can easily upgrade to the miniDSP technology of the TLV320AIC3262.

Enhancing the user experience on mobile devices

Audio is only one part of the user experience, and TI offers a broad portfolio of touch screen controllers and haptic drivers that enhance mobile devices, as well as battery management, wireless power and portable power solutions to keep that experience lasting longer between charges.

Learn more about the TLV320AIC3262 and TI’s audio portfolio by visiting the links below: