Improve real-time-control system performance by 5x and increase efficiency with TI’s C2000 32-bit F2803x and F2806x Piccolo microcontrollers

New C compiler, motor control software library and system examples easily expand access to integrated floating-point CLA co-processor for innovative, custom motor control designs

Upgrading designs, improving performance and simplifying development of digital real-time-control systems, Piccolo microcontrollers from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), are bringing new efficiencies and innovations to motor control applications. The TMS320F2803x and TMS320F2806x Piccolo microcontrollers now contain a C-programmable, integrated control law accelerator (CLA) co-processor via a new C-compiler to enable even greater levels of innovative designs. The CLA is a 32-bit floating-point math accelerator, designed to work independently of the TMS320C28x CPU core to offload complex, high-speed control algorithms. This offloading frees the CPU to handle input/output and feedback loop metrics, resulting in up to a 5x increase in performance for closed loop applications.  The CLA also provides direct access to on-chip peripherals for parallel execution of algorithms to accelerate system response time and improve efficiency.

Accessible through the controlSUITE software platform are new CLA C-compiler software libraries and system examples available for motor control application development.  The CLA provides efficient software partitioning, and TI’s optimized, free source code software libraries and system examples running on the control law accelerator (CLA) provide software code blocks, enabling developers to easily and quickly create customized designs while delivering 15-20 percent performance gains in motor control applications.

Features and benefits of F2803x and F2806x Piccolo microcontroller systems:

  • C-programmable, 32-bit floating-point co-processor via a new C compiler for the CLA on F2803x and F2806x Piccolo microcontrollers ease programming, improve flexibility and compatibility with meta-language tools and enable direct access to on-chip peripherals for parallel execution of algorithms. The CLA also enables faster system response, high MHz control loops and improved triggering and fault detection to increase system robustness.
  • F2803x Piccolo microcontrollers incorporate TI’s enhanced pulse width modulators (ePWMs @ 150ps resolution), 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and two 10 MHz oscillators on chip and can replace multiple electronic components (i.e. external power ICs) to lower overall system cost while enabling advanced power electronics management.
  • F2806x Piccolo microcontrollers incorporate a Viterbi, Complex Math and CRC Unit (VCU) in addition to the C28x core and CLA, providing 75 tailored math instructions to accelerate processing of communications algorithms. Also included on-chip are USB 2.0 and CAN for improved communications throughput and PWMs, a 16 channel, 3 MSPS 12-bit ADCs and three analog comparators with 10-bit reference, to eliminate external design components.
  • Motor control and digital power development kits to use with software, training and 24/7 support to make development easy and get products out quickly.
  • Code compatibility across the C2000 microcontroller platform allows developers to scale solutions from 40 MHz to 300 MHz.
  • controlCARD, controlSTICK and C2000 experimenter kits, C2000’s flexible and modular design concepts, allow developers to experiment with various C2000 microcontrollers to fit price, performance and peripheral feature set requirements.
  • Includes controlSUITE software, providing easy-to-use open source demonstration GUIs, software examples and documentation for motor control development, as well as digital power.

Pricing and availability

The F2803x Piccolo microcontrollers start at around $3 in 1k volumes, and the F2806x Piccolo microcontrollers start at $4.95 in 1k volumes.  Both are available in a wide variety of configurations for flexible design.  Development tools for the F2806x microcontrollers are available and include:  $39 controlSTICK (TMDX28069USB), $59 controlCARD (TMDXCNCD28069) and $99 Experimenter’s Kit (TMDXDOCK28069). F2803x microcontroller development tools are also available and include:  $59 control card (TMDSCNCD28035) and $99 Experimenter’s Kit (TMDSDOCK28035).  controlSUITE software is free and can be accessed immediately.  Several motor control and digital power development kits are also available now.

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