Lighting Science Group launches ultra-efficient LED RoadMaster street light

LED Street Light Now Being Installed in Puerto Rico

Leading the global shift towards sustainable LED lighting solutions, Lighting Science Group  has announced the launch of its high performance and feature-rich RoadMasterTM street light. Currently being installed throughout Puerto Rico, the Company’s new street light provides a reduction in energy costs during its extended operating life, helping governments and communities avoid soaring energy and maintenance costs associated with traditional high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights. Priced at a fraction of other LED roadway luminaires, Lighting Science Group’s new RoadMasterTM pays for itself by avoiding just one HPS lamp replacement, let alone the 4-6 traditional street light lamp changes it is expected avoid over its rated life.

“Our new RoadMasterTM LED street light represents a breakthrough in street light technology,” said Jim Haworth, chairman and chief executive officer. “The pairing of price and performance will save communities and cities around the world significant amounts of money. As a company, we don’t just speak of catalyzing a clean energy future, we lead—and light—the way.”

In an historic partnership with the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, approximately 4000 high-pressure sodium 100 and 150 watt street lights will be replaced with Lighting Science Group’s ultra-efficient and long-lasting RoadMasterTM street lights, resulting in a reduction in energy usage and maintenance costs of up to 50%.

Lighting Science Group’s world-class team of scientists and engineers re-conceptualized the design of traditional roadway applications, and as a result, the advanced componentry inside the RoadMasterTM makes the product more affordable and reliable than competing alternatives.  The RoadMasterTM joins LightingScience Group’s full line of roadway products that have been installed around the world, including Mexico City, Salt Lake City, Sydney, and Washington D.C.

For more information on Lighting Science Group’s RoadMasterTM and other roadway products visit:  A video of the new streetlight can be viewed here: