Hendrix to introduce new spacer cable products at 2012 IEEE conference

To learn more, stop by booth #1590 in the Orlando Convention Center

Hendrix, a premier provider of high quality overhead and underground power distribution products, announces that they will be exhibiting at the 2012 IEEE Power & Energy Society Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition, May 7-10, 2012, in Orlando, FL. Hendrix will be showcasing a brand new line of Spacer Cable System products, and discussing how they reduce installation time and improve safety. Learn more by visiting Hendrix at booth #1590.

Spacer cable has been used by utilities for many years to improve the reliability and power quality of primary distribution systems while making them more resistant to storm damage. The compact configuration and reduced clearance requirements allow for multiple circuits to be installed on a single pole, thus combating right of way problems and saving money by reducing the number of poles required. Over or under building Spacer Cable Systems in substation exits, alleyways, and feeder circuits can greatly reduce the cost of adding capacity.

Hendrix Spacer Cable Systems’ strength makes it ideal for long spans of up to 1500 feet. The ability to span rivers, freeways, marshes, and lakes provides a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive solution to difficult design problems. What’s more, the close spacing of each individual phase conductor results in lower total line impedance and maintains voltage, reducing the need for voltage improvement equipment on long runs.

Hendrix Spacer Cable Systems come equipped with a conductor covering that withstands temporary contact with tree branches and other vegetation, thus reducing outages and improving power quality. This, along with the compact configuration of the system, greatly reduces the need for vegetation removal during circuit installation, cutting tree trimming costs by 50 to 80 percent. Additionally, wildlife is protected from exposure to lethal currents.

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